About Christy Nimeh

I’ve lived in Orange County, California my entire life. I have my work-from-home studio at my house; it’s my happy place of creativity and family (with two kids and two dogs). I started painting at an early age; my grandmother was key in convincing me to truly see myself as an artist. 12 years ago I started painting professionally, and I’ve worked hard to build my own, unique style over the years.

Christy Nimeh, contemporary artist

Orange County is sun and beach country, a place you can live outside all year round. It’s no coincidence that my art is strongly evocative of the natural world. My art has a chic, contemporary, natural vibe, giving you a sense of nature and bringing you out of yourself in the midst of modern life. The secret of my abstract art is that it speaks to everyone in a different way. In this way, my pieces fit equally in a cozy private living room and in the lobby of a chic boutique hotel.

My Artistic Process

Each piece is the visual documentation of the artistic journey of change, failure, and progress. It starts with listening to my client’s needs and capturing their vision. I consecrate each piece of art by writing something on the blank canvas, either a statement about something that's going on in my life at that moment, or something special to me, or I give it to the client to write on. This is then covered over with paint to form the spiritual foundation of the piece. Then I begin to create that vision in paint on the canvas, and next I add the layers and texture that builds upon and connects to the client’s vision. I will use different media, add texture and remove it, introduce various elements of destruction. This mental process of constructing and then deconstructing takes anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks. At the end of my process, I take some time to sit with the finished piece, to gaze at for a few days, at which point I may add a few more things, or decide that it is truly “finished.”


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